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not 2 bad.... but u need 2 get Wanted

Didn't like Wanted much.

Got Doctor Who: Revelation of the Daleks today :D

Not bad, apart from listing things starting with "The" in the "T" section, instead of under the first letter of the following word (a crime which, when I'm King of Earth, will be punishable by hanging).

DEFINITELY needs more Third Doctor. Easily my favourite.

:o You commented
Yeah, I was thinking about changing the T thing, never got round to it. I'm sorry Master, at least you can't hang me yet :D

And I'm trying to get a few third Doctor ones like Inferno and the new Dalek War box set.
Thanks for commenting!

Inferno isn't particularly good. Early Pertwee is very Quatermass-y. Played very straight, and is much more Earth based (since he's stranded there). Liz Shaw, his companion, is pretty forgettable, too. It's good, but it really can't compare to seasons 8-10.

Of what's out on DVD, I'd recommend The Claws of Axos, The Three Doctors and The Green Death. Beneath The Surface is also worth looking at, since it's got And The Silurians (probably the best early Pertwee serial), The Sea Devils (a good season 9 serial) and Warriors of the Deep (an average Davison serial).

All his best serials like The Mind of Evil, The Daemons and The Curse of Peladon aren't out yet, though.

Also you should check out the Doctor Who Crew on the forums. Pretty inactive at the minute since the series isn't on, but it'll pick up again once it starts airing.

Thanks for all the advice, I like the look of The Three Doctors (especially the bickering between them. I had a look on the Doctor Who Crew, but I had nothing to say about it since as you said the series isn't on yet. There are a lot of filming pictures though.

You've never even BEEN to the crunch.

I've been there once...

oh a little trip around the crunch...

We can all go as tourists, ooh there's a bit of crunch.

ahh nanageddon.

and don't forget the boosh series 1-3 remember?

Technically I haven't got it yet so I'm putting it on after Christmas.

FUK U xxdxddxdxdxdXDXDDXD

Thank you you did what I commanded you to now don't do it again you naughty sausage

That's not very nice JoeyBang you whore!!

Yes tell that naughty little boy off

hello dogpup4, aren't you just excited about the lighthouse girl?


deese is a coohment.

verree geed

Got a lot of DVDS for Christmas, so I'm updating. Merry Christmas :D

Got five new DVDs for my birthday which is tomorrow. Family Guy seasons 1, 2 and 3, Jason Manford Live at the Manchester Apollo and Michael McIntyre Hello Wembley.



Lol, no comments in 9 months. Will be updating this after Christmas when I get new DVDs.

Got Nightmare Before Christmas. The total is probably wrong, so I'm gonna do a recount after Christmas.

Merry Christmas, got a few new DVDs so I updated this. Also re-did the total, now I have 95.

Should think about grabbing the Revisitations 1 set. Upgraded versions of three serials you've not got, and Caves of Androzani is an essential anyway.

Thanks for that advice, I've been meaning to get it for a while and they do look like cool episodes.. well, apart from the movie. Didn't like the movie.

Caves of Androzani is voted greatest serial ever about 50% of the time (whenever Genesis of the Daleks isn't winning). Talons has The Doctor in opium dens, too.

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